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Soccer ministry

Why soccer?

We don’t love soccer but we like it. But we love those guys who don’t know their values and  that Son of God has come for them. They live busy in a contemporary big city but it’s not difficult to gather them in a gym for soccer. That is the reason we want to use soccer which is the creation of God, as a tool to have fellowship.

What are we doing now?

We don’t have any professional coaches. That is why this ministry is not official yet. But we play soccer every Sunday evening. There are guys between 18-35 years old that constantly come and play. Half of the participants are Christians and half of them are Non-Christians who haven’t known about God. if we don’t have a coach, we are trying to influence one another and play soccer every Sunday.

What is our vision?

Through soccer, we want to help them to know about the knowledge of God, help them to find their purposes, train them how to be independent, able to collaborate, know how to win and lose, and strengthen them. Because we strongly believe that soccer is a right tool that gives us an opportunity to meet strangers and make close friends to share about God.

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