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Ywamubmongolia“I’m Amos. I was raised in a strong communist family and I didn’t have belief and hope. I was weak, but then Jesus entered my life. When I met Jesus, I realized I was created by God and the real me (that was hidden in the corner of my heart) came out in the light. He called me to be His warrior and solider. He said, “Get up and fight, my son”. That’s why I have been fighting for Him and His people until this day. I was defeated before, but He made me victorious. Because He defeated and won.” - Amos. Base Director

Ywamubmongolia“Hello! My name is Uka. I am a full-time staff at YWAM Ulaanbaatar. The first time I heard about YWAM, it was interesting. I couldn’t even imagine living for others, instead of investing in my life and earning for my own benefit. But I found out that there is SOMEONE who gave His life for me. This changed my heart and I chose to live for others. Wouldn’t it be great if not only you, but other people, knew about our Creator God; the Sovereign one who is more powerful than humanity? Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had the opportunity to know Christ and what He did for us? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world declared His glory for everything He has done? These thoughts moved my heart and I knew I had to do something to bring these thoughts closer to reality because knowing Him and making Him known brings me joy.”

Ywamubmongolia“Hi! I am Naranzul, I’ve been in YWAM since I was a DTS student over ten years ago. From the beginning of knowing Christ my foundation of faith has built by YWAM so I wanted to become a YWAMer. In my DTS I found my desire for God and I’ve been serving Him ever since. I’ve done DTS, SoFM, SBS, Tit project, and YWAM DNA during these years. I’ve been really wanting to serve Him like Ezra who meditated on God’s word, was lead by His Word, and taught it! My responsibility right now for the base is being on our leadership team and leader of SBS.”

Ywamubmongolia“Hello! My name is Duka. I am the Campus ministry staff at YWAM UB. When I studied at UDTS, God offered me to continue ministering with students. I loved it so much that I decided to serve as a Campus Ministry Staff. Of course I can't do like Jesus, but I like to be with students. I like to spend time having fun, eating, listening, and talking with them. Also, I prefer to do my quiet time in the morning with others and encourage.
Who is your favorite person? Don't you want to be with the person you love the most? If he is JESUS, see him first in the morning. He will listen to you and talk to you.

Ywamubmongolia“Hi, My name is Oogoo. A few years ago, I had many problems and many questions in which I could not find an answer. When I read the Bible, I found out all the answers to my questions, solution to my problems and the love of God for me. Now I am staffing at YWAM UB Base to share the heart of Jesus Christ and the LOVE I felt through Bible. If you have questions that you are seeking answers for or problems you can’t solve, PRAY to GOD and then READ your BIBLE!”

Ywamubmongolia“Hey guys! My name is Nomin, I’m currently staffing on International DTS and media team, I’m blessed to be a part what God is doing in Mongolia. I love seeing his faithfulness over and over as staff and students passionately seek after his heart. Super excited to see lives continuing to change!”

Ywamubmongolia“Hey! My name is Ozzy. I serve the Living God full time with my beautiful wife here in YWAM UB, Mongolia. I am proud to say I am from Uriankhai tribe which is not a main tribe/khalha/. Mongolia has 13 ethnic groups and Uriankhai is the one of them. The reason why I shared that is because my PASSION is MISSIONS and my GOAL is to bring the Gospel to the people groups all around the world. I believe when Jesus said “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS” he means all ethnos on earth.
I did my DTS at YWAM Discovery Bay, in Washington state in 2017. Since then, I had a privilege to serve about 20 people groups in different nations. After I staffed at YWAM DB over a year, God called me back to my own people. When God called me back to Mongolia, He called me to be part of first ever International and Bilingual DTS. I believe Mongolian multilungual missionaries /like the Apostle Paul/ will bring the Gospel to the ends of the Earth, like our ancestoer Mongols did back in 13th century.”

 Ywamubmongolia    “Hi! I am Turuu. During my DTS, I realized I am God’s beloved son and I then found out the mission of my life is to serve God. Now I am serving with international DTS and media team, It’s been very interesting to grow in Him every day. I had heard that so many people can speak with God, so in DTS I looked for the opportunity to hear His voice. Then He revealed Himself and answered my prayer. God speaks with us through so many ways, I realized that he could speak to me and I believe He can speak to you too! Just listen!”

Ywamubmongolia”Hi guys! I am Ebi and I feel deeply called to serve God in the media field, so now I am apart of the media team. Media is an amazing, fast, and fruitful way to share the gospel. I love to create, media brings me so much joy. God has a call not only on my life, but He has a call on yours as well! I encourage you to ask Him and seek it out!”

Ywamubmongolia“I am Munkh-Od. I work at Ulaanbaatar YWAM as a staff. In my early adult life, I was struggling with problems just like others and I had a fear that If people see these problems, they will think I am weak. When I gave my life to Jesus, my fear was changed into peace. It’s not only me that was changed, but even problems in my family started changing. My family was delivered from alcohol bondage. HALLELUJAH!!! I decided to serve my Lord, because I saw changes in my life! First, I thought I was ministering for God or other people, but while I was serving, I became confident and encouraged in God. Now I understand that if I find myself in God, I could testify Him and live for His glory wherever I am. You too, can have this chance to seek deliverance, change and peace.
Matthew 6:33”