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Teen DTC

Mongolia has approximately 300,000 teenagers aged 12-17 years. According to research, less than 2 percent of all these teenagers are Christian. We all know that there are many Christians in the world who believed and dedicated their life to Jesus Christ when they were teenagers.

Our base has some full-time staff who met Jesus when they were teenagers. They received a heart and love for teenagers to lead them to the Kingdom of the Lord. Under this vision, we started a “Teen Discipleship Training Course” for teenagers for the first time on 24th July 2018. This course is a short version of the main school of YWAM, “Discipleship Training School”, held with a specialized curriculum for teens.

TDTC is a fourteen days course of community living with an agreement from the teenager’s parents and church elders. The program includes quiet time in the morning and exercise as well as personal development sessions for teens: art and music class, foreign language study class, and the most important thing: lectures and worship sessions to know more about God.

The lecture phase teaches on Hearing the voice of God, The love of Father God, The Fear of God, Sharing Gospel, Life of Disciples, and Churches to help teens to acknowledge the importance of knowing God and making Him known. Afterward, there is a short outreach phase to encourage teens to implement what they learned from lectures.

By far we have 24 graduates from churches located in Ulaanbaatar city in 2018, 38 graduates from churches located in Ulaanbaatar city, Darkhan city, Erdenet city, Selenge province, and Ovorkhangai province in 2019. Also, 44 graduates from Khovd province in 2019. In 2020 January, with the blessings of our Lord, we held TDTC in Zuunkharaa, Selenge province with 44 graduates.

In the future, TDTC will be held every year during school summer vacation, both in Ulaanbaatar city and one more chosen province.