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Pray for YWAM UB new property!

      Dear Family and Friends
       We’re excited to share what is happening in YWAM Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In 2011, Ulaanbaatar YWAM moved to the downtown area with a new vision. Before that time, our location was out of the city. Our former leader had a verse from the Lord that prompted our team to move closer to the city. “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” (Mat 5:15) We felt that we needed to move closer to the city to be the lights that God was calling our base to be.
     After we moved to the downtown area, we were under the same roof and the same leadership with The Rock church.  This church was planted by one of our first missionaries with YWAM Ulaanbaatar. Both The Rock Church and our YWAM ministries have expanded over the last decade. When we moved out here, the church’s congregation was around 30 and now it is between 100 to 120 and they so much influence in the area with the mercy ministry and their child daycare center. Our base is also growing as we have started new ministries in the city and pioneered University DTS (Discipleship Training School) , Teen DTC (Discipleship Training Course 2 weeks). Also, we have Bible schools as SBS, DBS and Ezra course for the body of Christ in Mongolia. We are planning to run International DTS  in English and Mongolian in March 2023. We also have the vision to become an international base in Central Asia that runs UofN schools.

Ywamubmongolia   The Mongolian government has been keeping their eyes on the churches and Christian organizations even closer than before. The religious law is getting tighter here in Mongolia. It has been getting more complicated to run the church and Christian organization in the same address because if the ministry doesn’t own a building itself the government will not give an official approval license.
             In 2018, we officially separated the church from the base and elected a new leader for YWAM Ulaanbaatar. As both ministries have grown and new laws have been put in place, we noticed our need for a new YWAM house. This will not only help our YWAM community, but this will also be a blessing to The Rock Church as they continue to grow their ministry.
            In January of this year, our leader Amos started to worship and intercession time in our YWAM community every morning. It was the beginning of something very special. We believe that this time of prayer has brought an increase of unity to our staff team. As we prayed together in one accord, God opened doors for us to buy a new property.
            We heard “Antioch Mongolia” church was trying to sell their property. We met with the church leaders and started asking the Lord if it was the right place for us. “Antioch Mongolia” church also prayed together.  We see that as a miracle from God! So, we discussed with The Rock church’s pastor and elders and we decided to buy the property of Antioch Mongolia Church.


Please pray for:

  • God’s guidance and wisdom to lead us for this leap of faith.
  • God’s provision on our fundraising for the new and beautiful building before the Christmas of 2022. 

If you want to receive the update with more details about the property please let us know. We're happy to share with you the details about the building and the financial part. Also, through the links down below you can visit our website and social platforms to know more about YWAM Ulaanbaatar.