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Mercy ministry

Currently, Mongolia appears to be weak in social and economical industries. As a result, children are living a life not knowing children’s rights, children's protection, and far from social care as well as some levels of education. This causes problems in society. For example, because of alcoholism, children are living without any parental control or restriction, which causes violence to increase.

Poverty hits some children hard. They live homeless, lack of food, nothing to play with, and no chance to develop... but they are surrounded by violence. Given this situation, the love of God moved our hearts for mercy ministry.

Mercy Ministry has been held since 2016 with 4 different parts:

  • Daycare centers for half-orphans, orphans, and poor children to feed, care, and teach them. It is held on office days from 8 AM to 6 PM. This ministry has 25 children every season.
  • Home visits: Visit poor houses and get to know them to evaluate living situations. Observe and determine those families and children need to help them in any way possible.
  • Care ministry: Distribute food to families and children in need. Help them with coal in the wintertime.
  • Jobs and Finance: We try to find jobs for unemployed poor parents and widows to make them be able to support their families on their own. There are some agricultural jobs available sometimes because this ministry is in contact with a small agricultural land.

We have the vision to reach out to numerous children to unconditionally flow the love of God and share the gospel. Also, to educate children, we have the vision to build high schools and kindergartens. Our mission is not to exchange bread for the Gospel, but to share both bread and Gospel to those in need.